The web application known as "smashed coin database" is a not for profit application, and does not charge the end user. Any fees, dues, penalties, or charges incurred by the user are the responsibility of the user. As such, all users are here by informed of the following:

There is no warranty for or against the application and all data found with in.

This web based application does not promote the use of, or acknowledge the use of, network and or digital security; thus, this web application has no warranted care or regard pertaining to personnel data. This application may or may not contain personnel data. Any and all transaction have the potential of being seen by a third party or by unknown parties.

Use of this web application is by the discretion of the user, whom holds no responsibility of any sort toward the manufacture of this application. As the manufacture of this web application, I do not guarantee timeliness, or accuracy of any data found with in the application. I do not guarantee stable or predictable uptime or access for the application. I do not guarantee privacy or confidentiality of any data found within or passing through this web application including the network it resides on.

I do not care about collecting data regarding the users of my application, so thus I am not actively collecting anything. I do have a 'sign up' and 'sign in' part of the site to both allow users personalized lists, and keep automated scripts from accessing my application. I reserve the right to delete anything from my database not limited to but including what I feel is inappropriate, or I simply do not want. If the user uploads or adds anything to my database, and I deleted it, I will not contact the user regarding my decision. I will block users, IP addresses, or other for any reason should I feel the need.