The Database

This site named "Smashed Coin Database" is a web application built and designed to be a not for profit and free to use application. The site was conceived by my own mind, and constructed by my own hand; primary user is myself. It is only by chance others are using this application. I created this application for use in organizing and mobilizing my collection of smashed coins to which I have collected in my travels. The secondary purpose of this web application was as a fun side project keeping myself occupied during down times.

This application will allow you to create your own collection of smashed coins by using items found in the database, or uploading recently found coins and or machines into the database. The database is built with the intention of mirroring and conforming to the Disneyland philosophy of coin smashing, however, any coin or machines can be added to the database. As a user, you can create a 'have' or 'want' list, then print or store for mobile use. The site has a mobile front end so users can access their list via a web enabled smart phone or mobile device.

Smashed Coins

Smashed coins have a rich history as a cheap way to collect a souvenir. There are many sites dedicated to the spotting, collecting, and displaying of these souvenir smashed coins. The coins may also be seen as elongated coins. For more information, please visit the wikipedia site:

The Law

The United States law: U.S. Code Title 18, Chapter 17, Section 331 governs the mutilation of coins.